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Neerlandia Christian Education Society

Who Are We?

The Neerlandia Christian Education Society is a parent advisory committee representing parents and community members associated with the Neerlandia Public Christian School.

This society represents more than 100 families and has an elected board to represent them and carry out the roles given to them.

The Neerlandia Christian Education Society and Neerlandia Public Christian School are members of the Prairie Centre for Christian Education (PCCE).  To find out some ways we benefit from this membership, check out this link: PCCE - Societies & Boards

The Neerlandia Christian Education Society committee members also represent our school as members of Neerlandia's School Council.

What Do We Do?

We try to ensure that the moral and religious values, based on scripture, are reflected in the school's curriculum by assisting and advising the principal on:

  1. Interviewing prospective staff
  2. Assessing staffing needs
  3. Encouraging parent/teacher interaction
  4. Dealing with and advising the staff regarding curriculum
  5. Assisting with bussing issues

Help to promote Christian Education with:

  1. Films/videos
  2. Speakers
  3. Discussion groups
  4. Those outside our school (i.e. via Barrhead Ministerial Association)